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Tooth Decay In Children: Causes and Prevention

Tooth decay in children is one of the most common childhood diseases. It can develop as soon as the first tooth erupts at about 6 months of age. Today, many children are vulnerable to tooth decay because of the overconsumption of snack foods and sweets. To protect your children from tooth decay, you need to make them develop good oral hygiene habits and getting them regular dental check-ups. Also, make sure that the wall cabinet of your bathroom is full of toothbrushes and toothpaste to ensure oral health.

Causes of Tooth Decay In Children

These days, tooth decay is more common in children than adults. The main reason for this is that children are attracted to sweets more than adults. These desserts contain sugars that are difficult to remove from the surface of the tooth. The main cause of tooth decay is the plaque, a sticky, colorless film of bacteria and carbohydrates (sugars and starches). This plaque is deposited around the gum line, side filling, and the surrounding surfaces of the teeth. If children do not regularly clean their teeth, bacteria will decompose carbohydrates and produce acids. These acids will eventually dissolve the tooth enamel and cause cavities in the teeth.

Prevention of Tooth Decay In Children

The best way to avoid tooth decay in children is to keep your child’s mouth clean. Children should be trained to brush their teeth after eating, and most importantly before going to bed. The regular flossing will be a good exercise to keep their mouth clean. Also, parents should also make regular visits to the dentist. Next is the diet. Avoid giving too much sugar or acidic foods to your children. The most important thing is that you should check the number of times the desserts were served. The frequent consumption of sugary foods makes your children prone to tooth decay.

A healthy diet which includes fruits, vegetables, and milk will prevent tooth decay in children. However, you must know that overconsumption of acidic fruits such as orange may dissolve the tooth enamel. Small quantities of these fruits won’t cause any harm to the enamel. When your children eat a large amount, be sure to give them some basic foods such as milk to neutralize the effect. Teach your children to usually brush, especially before going to bed. Also, make them use a fluoride toothpaste as recommended.


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